ITS-IO’s HMJ Visit in Second EFSC

ITS CAMPUS , FRIDAY (3/10/14) – Focus Grup Discussion about hobby and the important of english in EFSC2. (Foto : DFA)


English Free Speaking Class was back. English Free Speaking Class (EFSC) had something different and special for us. EFSC was held on Friday, 3 2014 at AJ 203 room from 4 PM until 5.30 PM.

There was something special at this second EFSC. Yes, the second EFSC had some guests from ITS International Office (IO). If at the first EFSC before we just met with Mr. Alie as a guest and speaker, at this second EFSC we met four guests. They were Amirah from Malaysia, Nazmul from Bangladesh, Mehdi from Tunisia, and Alie from Sierra Leone. All they came with ITS-IO who had HMJ Visit to HIMATEKTRO.

HMJ Visit is an event of ITS-IO visiting HMJ every two weeks. HMJ Visit to HIMATEKTRO joined with EFSC. According to Mikael Vidi as Coordinator of Media and Information, the purpose of HMJ Visit is so simple, to improve the Atmosphere of Internalization in ITS. HMJ Visit to HIMATEKTRO joined with EFSC. HMJ Visit will be held once in every two weeks. Before HIMATEKTRO in EFSC, ITS-IO had visited HMJ of Chemical Engineering and HMJ of Chemistry.

EFSC began with Introduction from ITS-IO. After that, It continued to discussion. The participants were divided into some groups. In every group, the participants and the guests discussed about some simple topic like the importance of having English skill. They also talked about their hobby. In this discussion, the guests, Amirah, Nazmul, Mehdi, and Alie also told that they came to Indonesia especially ITS to continue their studies. They were studying in ITS now.

The second EFSC was ended with spelling game. All the participants and also the guests looked so excited playing this game. Even not all the words were correctly spelled, but at least they got some improvements and experiences in English skill because they trained each other in EFSC.

“The second EFSC is good because we met more guests than the first. The difference with the EFSC before is there was a discussion chapter in EFSC this time” said Fiona Yolita as Chief Organizer who looked so excited too. We hope that there will be more EFSC to improve our skill in English. So, for you who want to improve your skill free and easily, see you in the next EFSC! (DFA/TAU)

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