Be Ready to Face AEC with English Competition

ITS CAMPUS, AJ 102, (18-19/3/15) – English Competition by Prokesma Departement

In December 2015, Indonesia will face ASEAN Economic Community. Pros and cons still be a topic in our society. Some people said that AEC will bring threats to Indonesia. On another side, some people also believed that AEC will bring benefits to our country. Therefore, Prokesma Departement of HIMATEKTRO brought the theme “AEC, Threat or Benefit?” in English Competition 2015.

English Competition was a collaboration of two events. There were English Debate and Poster Competition.

English Debate


ITS CAMPUS, AJ 102, (18/3/15) – Finalist of English Debate.

Held on March, 18 2015, English Debate was joined by twelve teams from Electrical Engineering ITS students. With three students each team, the participants did a competition in a day at AJ 102. The adjudicators of English Competition is from ITS Debating Society (IDB). With theme “AEC, Threat or Benefit?” they did the battle one by one till final match held. Adi, Raki, and Iqbal from Electrical Engineering 2012 faced Syauqi, Hafiz, and Fadli from 2012 too in the final match. In the final match their performance was so awesome, but at the end the winner of the competition was Syauqi, Hafiz, and Fadli. Congratulation fos Syauqi, Hafiz, and Fadli for their winning, and congratulation too for Adi, Raki, Iqbal, and other participants for showed a good job on this English Debate 2015.

Poster Competition


ITS CAMPUS, Plasa Elektro, (19/3/15) – Voting of Poster Competition at Plasa Elektro.

ITS CAMPUS, AJ 102, (19/3/15) – Presentation of Poster Competition.

Held on March, 19 2015, Poster Competition was joined by six participants. The participants made a poster of “AEC, Threat or Benefits?” and then collected it to be showed at Plasa Teknik Elektro for voting. With creative design and contents, the participants showed interesting way to educate people about threats and benefits of AEC 2015 by making posters. After voting, the participants presented it in front of the adjudicators, Surya and Azwar at AJ 102. The participants explained their posters one by one and answer the questions from the adjudicators. After twenty minutes of each participant presented their poster, the winning went to Mikhael Vidi and the second Hanif Fermanda from Electrical Engineering 2012. We hope that this kind of events can educate us more about AEC 2015 and also we can improve our skill in English by interesting way like this English Competition. Congratulation for all the winners, see you next time! (TAU)

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