After a Long Holiday, EFSC is Back with a Special Guest

Surabaya(24/02/2016) – After a long academic holday, English Free Speaking Class by Prokesma Dept. of HIMATEKTRO and Viktori Student Ambassador is finally back. English Free Speaking Class which also known as EFSC, is a program that let us learn English with fun and for free, of course. With a concept of speaking by gaming, EFSC adopted a popular game from a TV show which is called ‘Rank #1’. It Is a game played by two teams in which each team gave the oppposite team with questions. The best team was the one with most question answered correctly.

EFSC this time was also quite special. It was because there was a special guest. An alumni of HIMATEKTRO student who has studied abroad in England. It was Daus from e47, who shared his journey in a far away country. Many participant of EFSC are excited to hear his story about his daily life, the culture, and the character of England.

Surabaya(24/02/2016)-EFSC’s special guest, Daus got a Souvenir from HIMATEKTRO as a thanks

At the end, Daus gave us advice. “Try study abroad, because there was so much you can learn in other country.”, And the Free Speaking Class ends with a photo session of Daus and Octavian Nur Fauzi as the one who invited Daus in this program.

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