English Competition


Smile of the winners, English Competition by Prokesma


We can go international! Held at the evening of 10th and 11th of March, 2016, many students of us showed their skills of speaking English at “English Competition”. The event which was held by Victory Student Ambassador and Department of Prokesma, was targeting students ftom JTE, TMJ, and BME.


Two competitions were heldĀ  at the same time, poster design and debate competition. So many unique and educating posters were displayed. Then the participants explained their purpose, why and what for, they made the posters. Mostly about go green. And this competition winners go to Rangga as first winner and Dian Akbar as the second winner.


The other competition was debate competition. It proved us that JTE, TMJ, and BME students are critic. The atmosphere was hot, each of the participants made such strong argumentation. They could inspire us that a case could be saw from different point of views, different angles. Above that, confidence is the key to be the victory. Congrats to Secret, Marwan, and Meong Team for the victory! [frs]